Mashhad Powder Metallurgy Company was founded on 16/10/1366, the company’s production capacity is based on the license granted by the organization of industry, mining and trade is Equivalent to 1600 tons of metal powder-based metal parts. The company has purchased and deployed the equipment of the production lines, as well as testing equipment and laboratories from the most reputable European companies and technology-owners. Availability of modern production equipment and special presses with a high level of robotics, equipped with metallurgical laboratories, hardness testing, dimensional measurement (CMM) and fatigue test (durability), and the close relationship with technical universities outside and inside the country for research , and innovation of Several scientific conferences in collaboration with the technical colleges of Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy (inside the country), are the characteristic features of this collection. With the backing and the presence of a powerful technical team, we are proud to announce that: The technical knowledge of powder metallurgy is fully integrated with this company, and as the largest domestic production unit and the sole producer of powder forging (Shatun), we are able to design and manufacture all possible metallurgical powder pieces. The production of sophisticated and knowledge-based components, with the quality and competitive price, is always sought by this company.