The international conference “Application of Powder Metallurgy in the Automotive Industry” called PM AUTO 2018 was held by Mashhad Powder Metallurgy Company with the help of Vienna University of Technology on April 27-29, 1997 at the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan.

The conference was attended by participants from 10 European and Asian countries, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, China and India, and presented scientific papers and lectures in this regard. Participants from the country also included executives and senior officials from the automotive industry, auto parts companies, university professors and students who gave lectures and articles.

This conference was held in order to develop powder metallurgy technology in the country and Mashhad Powder Metallurgy Company, as the largest production unit in this regard, is responsible for this mission. Also, in the vicinity of the conference, an exhibition was held by industry activists, including reputable manufacturers of relevant machinery equipment and manufacturers of raw materials, as well as manufacturers of auto parts.