The management of Mashhad Powder Metallurgy Company announces the outlines of its major goals and strategies in the field of social responsibility as follows:

Doing business ethically through anti-bribery policy
Supporting ethical principles
Support for employee disclosure system

1. Anti-bribery policy

This policy applies to all employees in any job category
Bribery can take the form of cash payments, social benefits, and gifts.
In order to monitor, it is necessary to check the financial condition of the company annually and to review any reports.

2. Supporting ethical principles
Everyone in the company is required to:

1-2- Respecting the law: refraining from any bribery, acting in accordance with tax laws, compliance of products with standard laws
2-2- Respect for the customer: not promoting customer information
3-2- Personal grooming

3. Support the employee disclosure system
The company is committed to maintaining the job and psychological security of employees who have played a role in exposing immorality, corruption and corruption.