Mashhad Powder Metallurgy Company is one of the pioneering units in manufacturing various types of iron and bronze parts by powder metallurgy method, which chooses the slogan of high quality, reasonable price and timely delivery as a symbol of the organization and to obtain customer satisfaction, the organization’s quality management system based on standard system. The quality management of the automotive industry has implemented IATF 16949-2016 and the specific requirements and demands of customers. In order to achieve the realization of the vision and in line with the strategies of the organization and to obtain customer satisfaction and to develop cooperation with domestic automakers in order to continuously improve the processes of its organization, the following is considered:

Focus on fulfilling customer demands and increase their satisfaction
Laying the groundwork for the growth and promotion of staff awareness and skills in order to develop team culture, quality and employee participation through increased motivation, effective training and the use of appropriate systems appropriate to the goals of the organization
Creating a culture of continuous improvement and effectiveness of quality management system and proper management of resources at hand by improving all work processes
Attention to supply chain management (Supply Chain Management) and value chain
Development of environmental culture, safety and health of employees and creating a clean environment and space in order to implement the activities of the organization
Improving the quality level Continuous improvement of quality management and achieving zero waste
Timely delivery, definition of implementation and monitoring of organizational logistics indicators

The senior management of the organization, while monitoring the good performance, effectiveness and efficiency, evaluates, analyzes and reviews the quality management system of the organization at appropriate intervals and ensures the following in relation to the quality policy:
Introduce and understand the company’s policy in the organization, fit with the goals and strategies of the organization, review for continuity of fit, provide a framework for setting quality and performance goals, meet the requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality system

The management and all the employees of Mashhad Powder Metallurgy Company are committed to the maintenance, implementation and continuous improvement of all work processes and activities.